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You CAN overcome your obstacles to clean eating!

  • Learn how to quickly prepare boocoos of healthy, wholesome meals that your entire family loves with the ingredients in your pantry 

  • Never grow bored of repeating recipes!

  • Perfect for gluten-free eaters 

  • Created by Registered Dietitian Star Edwards and Dr. Breanna Batey to solve their clean eating meal planning problems, and those of their families, friends, and patients.

You may want to eat better, but like many of us, face obstacles to clean, wholesome eating that make it seem almost impossible, at least consistently. We get it! Pantry Boss was created by a Dietitian and a Chiropractor who are both busy as moms and with their careers. You may be surprised to learn that although health professionals know what to eat, we often struggle with many of the same obstacles to clean eating as many of our patients:

  • Organic superfoods can be costly and spoil in the blink of an eye.

  • Busyness forces you into bad habits that knock wholesome eating to the bottom of the priority list.  

  • It can be difficult finding fresh produce and other ingredients year-round, especially during a pandemic.  

  • You know that you want to eat better, but you’re overwhelmed with all the information out there and

   aren’t confident in your choices.

  • You are easily bored with clean eating meal plans and are looking to boost the flavors in your meals.

  • You want to do better but your family and friends aren’t on the same page.

We created Pantry Boss to solve our clean eating problems and those of our patients. Can you relate to any of the above obstacles? If so, we also created Pantry Boss for you! Pantry Boss teaches you a system for getting food on the table easily and quickly, but not just any food. We are talking about “clean,” flavorful food that your entire family will love! 

If you are ready for full-on chef mode, the Creative option is for you! With the Creative pantry list, formulas, ingredient Ideas, and methods, you can create hundreds of meals and never get bored. The Creative option is a simple plug-and-play system that guides you in all sorts of creations from your pantry. You will be working from:

  • Pantry (shopping) lists with “clean,” wholesome ingredients to create endless meals on the fly using plug-and-play meal formulas and the ingredients in your pantry

  • Formulas (with recommended ingredients to choose from and the general method, or instructions for plug-and-play and creation from start to finish).

  •  Meals can be both gluten-free and dairy-free

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks 

  • Simple, quick meals ready in 5-40 minutes


What is a Meal Formula? Formulas are generic recipes allowing you to choose preferred ingredients and plug them in for endless flavor combinations. See below for an example:


Snack Mix Formula:


The Formula: 1 c. nuts & seeds + ½ c. dried or fresh fruit + 1 TBS spices + 1 TBS fat = 2 servings

    Formulas include:


  1. The Method - generic recipe instructions

  2. Ingredient Ideas - a list of recommended ingredients for each formula component. In the Snack Mix Formula, a list of potential nuts, seeds, fruit, spices, and fat would be included to choose from.

   3. Flavor Boosters - some, but not all formulas include optional flavor booster ideas. The.             Snack Mix Formula, for example, includes Everything Bagel, Sweet Baking Spice, and Tex         Mex mixes made from herbs and spices. 


The perfect solution for: 

  • Busy people who want to eat better

  • Gluten-free and dairy-free eaters

  • Households who entertain those on the clean-eating bandwagon, but also serve those not yet on board. 

  • Difficulties hunting down specific ingredients due to geographic location or availability (think pandemic)

  • Food boredom, picky eaters, creative cooks, and special diets


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  • Minimal meal planning (Time Saver)

  • Minimal prep needed (Time Saver)

  • Simple, speedy, flavor-boosted recipes (Boredom Buster, Time Saver)

  • Endless options with ingredients you can acquire (Pandemic Proof)

  • Mix it up with recommended ingredient swaps (Boredom Buster, Picky-Eater Satisfier)

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I was already seeing Dr. Batey in September 2016 when I was diagnosed with cancer. She helped me navigate some alternative ways to create a healthier me. Diet was one of those ways. I soon realized I needed more help and that’s when Dr. Batey introduced me to Star. I wish they had had this ebook then. The ideas on setting up a pantry and the recipes are awesome! I struggle eating the same thing over and over, so I’m excited about the Pantry Boss. What a help it will be to me even though I’ve been trying to eat clean for four years.

Congratulations on the new book and thank you both for all your help and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you and it just got easier!


—  Joan