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      Welcome to Pantry Boss, the home cooking method to help you ditch busyness,      reclaim your pantry, and finally feel good about what you eat! Pantry Boss was born to fulfill a need we found was lacking in our lives and those of our families and clients. We are both health professionals, gluten-free eaters, and boy moms. Between our families and work (and plain ol’ day-to-day life), we are constantly on the go. When rural living is added in, we face several obstacles that not only make it difficult for us to find wholesome, fresh ingredients but also the time to shop and prepare the nutritious meals we want. Can you relate?

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Pantry Boss aims to provide solutions to the root challenges of eating the way we want to eat. Most obstacles to good, clean eating fall into one or more (usually more) of the following categories:


  • Organic superfoods can be costly and spoil in the blink of an eye.

  • Busyness forces you into bad habits that knock wholesome eating to the bottom of the priority list.  

  • It can be difficult finding fresh produce and other ingredients year-round, especially during a pandemic.  

  • You know that you want to eat better, but are overwhelmed with all the information out there, and aren’t confident in your choices.

  • You are easily bored with clean eating meal plans and are looking to boost the flavors in your meals.

  • You want to do better but your family and friends aren’t on the same page.  


Pantry Boss teaches you a system for overcoming the obstacles that drag you down the most. It helps you get food on the table easily and quickly, but not just any food. We are talking about “clean,” flavorful food that your entire family will love. We looked to chefs for inspiration when building this system. Chefs don’t just run a kitchen; they run a pantry! A chef does not have to think about finding recipes and creating shopping lists every week, they just replenish their pantry as needed, allowing them to whip up tasty plates in no time! This is the most efficient way for a chef to run their pantry and kitchen, and it is also the most efficient way for you to run yours. So, the backbone of Pantry Boss is keeping your pantry stocked with ingredients to prepare anything and everything on your menu, and having ingredient swaps on hand to appease your special diet, picky eaters, and unwilling family members. 


  • Skip the takeout and eat in (Confidently Eat Clean, Money Saver, Pandemic Proof)

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks (We Have You Covered)

  • Gluten-free & dairy-free options (Confidently Eat Clean)

  • Stock your pantry and forget about it! (Good Habit)

  • Choose healthy, clean ingredients that are shelf-stable or freeze well when fresh 

       ingredients aren’t available (Pandemic Proof)

  • Learn how to use fresh, frozen, and pantry items to your advantage while eating

       clean (Money Saver)

  • Minimal meal planning (Time Saver)

  • Minimal prep needed (Time Saver)

  • Simple, speedy, flavor-boosted recipes (Boredom Buster, Time Saver)

  • Clean ingredients (Confidently Eat Clean)

  • Make included recipes and mix them up with optional substitutions, or use Pantry Boss formulas to create your own (Boredom Buster)

  • Endless options with the ingredients you can acquire (Pandemic Proof)

  • Tips for gluten-free eaters, weight loss, low carbohydrate diets, and eating with diabetes.


Because we are all different, we created three levels of Pantry Boss. We made it easy to jump from one level to another as you wish. 

The bottom line is - it is our mission to make this world a better and healthier place.

We can’t wait to teach you how to reclaim your pantry, your meals, and your health!




      Star Edwards, RD

      Breanna Batey, DC



Click on each level below to learn more:



This option is for you if you don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen, are

uncomfortable experimenting, or don’t have a lot of time and patience at the

moment. It is also for you if you just want to be told what to do. If this sounds

like you, start here. Everything will be done for you (except for shopping and cooking).

You will be working from:

  • Quick-Start Pantry List

  • Menu (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack options)

  • Recipes 




The Flexible option is for you if you want to work from recipes but still maintain

a little flexibility in choosing your ingredients. This is a great option if you wish

to add flavor and variety, swap your ingredients out if you are a picky eater if

you are on a special diet (gluten-free, for example), or if you are unable to find

the exact ingredients you need all of the time (blame the pandemic). This option

comes with boocoos of recipes.

  • Flexible Pantry Lists

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack Recipes (with recommended ingredient substitutions)

  • Your Seasonal Menus






If you are ready for full-on chef mode, the Creative option is for you! With the

Creative pantry list, formulas, ingredient Ideas, and methods, you can create

hundreds of meals and never get bored. The Creative option is a simple

plug-and-play system that guides you in all sorts of creations from your pantry.

You will be working from:

  • Creative Pantry List

  • Formulas (with recommended ingredients to choose from and the general method,

       or instructions for plug-and-play and creation from start to finish)


Click here for a comparison chart of each option.

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